Membership of GFPA

The strategic membership plans for the Association is to be a self-financing not-for-profit, non-governmental Association of legally and financially sound institutions with a record of financial innovation.

The Association will utilize credible partnerships to catalyze and drive adoption of fintech and payments across the region while protecting consumers in line with global standards. The focus will be on driving the adoption of fintech through regional working groups, publications, professional development courses and events held annually.

GFPA will advocate for the best fintech, payment transmissions, cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency practices, as well as regulations by creating a network of professionals, educating them on how to incorporate fintech into everyday business and management.

For these reasons, we have varied membership opportunities for all and sundry, interested to join a network of high-profiled fintech industry players, stakeholders and professionals:

Target Membership Categories

Membership of the GFPA is opened to Fintech startups and companies, banks and financial institutions, insurance and pensions organisations,innovation/acceleration hubs, venture capital, equity firms and angel investment companies, academic institutions of higher learning, legal/law firms, management consulting and research firms etc.

Activities and Focus of GFPA

    send Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Symposiums and Workshops, Fintech Roadmaps and Campus Tours.

    send Research and Development on Fintech to Promote Financial Inclusion.

    send Networking Opportunities.

    send Engagements and Reviews with Regulators on Bills and Laws.

    sendParticipation in Regional and International Events.

    send Promoting Fintech Education in Colleges and Universities to Bridge the Knowledge Gap and Improve Skills for Industry.

    send Capacity Building and Training Support.

    send Working with both Public and Private Sectors to Create Funds to Support Local Fintech and Payment Systems Companies in the Ecosystem.


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