Ghana Fintech and Payments Association

“Welcome to the Ghana Fintech and Payments Association (GFPA). We are here to help you along your fintech journey with expert advice, a supportive community and new connections.”

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The Ghana Fintech and Payments Association is the foremost fintech hub and not-for-profit organization established to promote the advancement of financial technologies and payment systems in Ghana. The Association is well-positioned to serve financial technology professionals, companies and start-ups, as well as other entities.

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Aim of GFPA

Enabling environment with stakeholders

The Association aims at creating an enabling environment through effective interaction with various stakeholders such as government, academia, regulatory authorities, financial institutions, media and other key players to help contribute to the growing industry in Ghana. It also aims at providing a platform for the growth of the industry through advocacy and information dissemination through grounded research

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Mouthpiece of financial technologies

GFPA seeks to be the voice of a new technology, which will transform citizens' lives in Ghana and beyond, while serving the last mile. It would be a unique fintech and digital payment services association of its kind in West Africa and one of the few dedicated platforms for Fintech companies in Ghana and by extension, Africa to connect with potential investors, partners and clients. Through this Association, the best in FinTech companies across the continent can support each other's growth and help to forge lasting relationships with international financial institutions, corporates and retail consumers.

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Policy and regulatory advancement:

we expect fintech companies to prosper by influencing policy and regulatory frameworks, campaigning for greater inclusion and accessibility for all Ghanaians in digital financial services, amplifying the reach of Ghanaian fintech companies at home and abroad, and fostering constructive relationships with banks and other key stakeholders. >

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Opportunity creation for youth engagement

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Consumer protection and inclusion

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Our Philosophy

At GFPA, we have an entrenched philosophy of being the hub of Fintech and digital payments fraternity in Ghana, with a principal activity to impartially promote and accelerate the acceptance and adoption of Fintech and digital banking services across Ghana by creating an enabling environment that fosters dialogue, disclosure, and education, to achieve financial inclusion.


To become the leading Fintech governing body, trusted advisor and facilitator of collaboration and growth of the Fintech ecosystem in Ghana and beyond.


To advance the Fintech and digital payments services industry in Ghana and create value for all players through digital innovations.